Tune Ups

Tune Ups

The typical turn around on most tune ups can be 2 full weeks, though early completion is common.

The “chain speed?”

Count the gears on your back wheel, don’t multiply them by the rings on your crank, just count those cogs in the back! That’s your “chain speed.” The only caveat is 3 speed bicycles. While only one gear is visible, you do have some to fool around with INSIDE the hub, requiring a little more work from me.

Basic Tune

$60 – 1 speed chains

$65 – 3-9 speed chains

$70 – 10-11 speed chains


– Gear work & brake work
not just tightening or loosening screws, but resurfacing and lubing of cables (so not charging you for new cables wherever possible), trimming frayed housing ends, resurfacing brake pads (so not charging you for new housing or pads wherever possible), etc.

– Bearing adjustments externally

– All hardware corrections

– Install fees waived for the first two parts. Each one following is accompanied by a $5 added labor charge.

– Wheel and frame cleaning

– Frame wax

– Minor lateral wheel truing (on the bike)

– Drivetrain cleaning and lubing

– Tires inflated

-This tune is the foundation of everything following. It is included in all the other tunes. My basic is the most thorough around and still on the cheaper end of the spectrum.

Major Tune
(or Boxed Bike Assembly)

$80 – 1 speed chains

$85 – 3-9 speed chains

$90– 10-11 speed chains

Includes the Basic Tune plus:

EITHER full wheel truing & balancing

OR full bearing overhaul of the bottom bracket, hubs, and headset

Deluxe Tune

$120 – 1 speed chains

$125 – 3-9 speed chains

$130 – 10-11 speed chains

Includes the Basic Tune plus:

BOTH full wheel truing & balancing

Holding Fee

This is a very small shop, and my time and attention is in high demand.
Once work is completed, prompt pick up is most appreciated.

Applied 5 working days following the verbal or email notification of the completion of your ticket, you will be charged an additional $5/day your bike is left in my little shop.

Therefore a working telephone or email address is necessary to leave your bike for work with me. Paying up front for work does not protect you from late fees or rush my labor.

After 30 days in storage, the bicycle is considered abandoned and will be recycled or given to someone who will use it. You will not get refunded.

Tasks I Do Not Do

– Put motors on bicycles

– Assemble tricycles or service them due to space

– Work on strollers, wheel chairs, electric scooters, skateboards, or “onewheels.”

– I work on e-bikes on a case by case basis

You will notice that none of my tune ups include any parts, not even cables or bar tape etc.. That is because while the sale of labor is not taxed, product is, so for ease of my accounting and legal standing, I steer clear of “bundling” parts up with labor.