Tune ups

Tune Ups

These are the most common service packages. NO install fees, but also no product is included in the prices. All product is added separately. Additional fees may apply if bike lands somewhere between two tunes.

Dirty Tune $65

  • Just adjustments on cabled brakes and gears as described in the piece meal tab.
  • Safety corrections
  • No cleaning. no bearing adjustments, no wheel truing, no favors. This is literally quick and dirty. We do not suggest it most of the time.

Basic – $95 routine maintenance

  • Gear work & brake work which involves resurfacing and lubing of cables, trimming frayed index housing ends, resurfacing rim brake pads if appropriate, shifter flush & servicing, freewheel flush and lube, hanger alignment if steel, among other tasks. I endeavor to recondition cables as much as possible! I don’t like the waste of always replacing as a policy.
  • Bearing adjustments only
  • Other hardware corrections where needed
  • Seat post, stem, pedal threads all greased, bottom bracket cups checked for tightness.
  • Wheels and frame set cleaned
  • Rim strips, tires, tubes all inspected
  • Drive train cleaned in ultrasonic tank
  • Drivetrain lubed
  • Frame waxed, rim and tires too if disc
  • Lateral wheel truing only! I.E., only spending 5 minutes per wheel on truing at most
  • If no gears present, hub bearings will be serviced 🙂

New boxed analog bicycle assembly- $125

Deluxe – $200
Ideal for loose ball, cabled bikes. Discounted to $175, if sealed bearings throughout

Warning: this does exceed the cost of many department store bikes like Huffy, Roadmaster, etc. which are designed to be replaced and not serviced. The starting price range for new bikes designed to be serviced for years to come and used by adults is $500-$600. 3 hours spent on repairing a torn up Granite Peak from Wal-Mart will not have the same end result, nor the same longevity, as a mere 1 hour spent on a base level Fairdale or Trek. I typically do not encourage people to spend this much money on department store bikes for these reasons.

  • Everything in basic
  • Brakes, rotors, pads, derailleurs, shifters, and any other small parts join everything else in the in ultrasonic tank
  • Everything from parts cleaner gets scrubbed, washed, and re lubed
  • Bar tape unwrapped to trim housing ends and to check sweat corrosion. This may require new tape if existing tape rips. I try to rewrap existing tape if it’s in good shape. This is policy.
  • Full loose ball bearing service of hubs, bottom bracket, headset, and pedals (of quality) this is NOT something many shops are still doing! It adds working time to the tune up and can sometimes lead to in depth race or cup extraction and replacement, which takes even longer. This is a service fading from the landscape.
  • Full wheel tensioning and truing, and weight balancing if requested but I’ll look at you funny 🙂
  • These can take as little as 2 hours flat by me or as long as 4 or 5 hours as there is a great variety of awful shit that can go wrong in bikes which go neglected and get abused daily 😉

Super Deluxe – $250 Gravel/all-road tune

  • Everything in Deluxe and Basic service packages
  • Hydraulic brake bleeding, setup, or repair
  • Tubeless setup, tire repair, or tubeless conversions.
  • select other requests and add-ons are available
  • All frame bearings and washers greased and lubed, and inspected for replacement needs.
  • Suspension service not included, though inflation is fine – I am generally not a mountain bike shop, so while I do 90% of the work involved in any mountain bike, I draw the line at servicing suspension. Love you though!