Service Packages

Generally service packages are based on an $80/hr shop rate plus $10 for replenishing materials and solutions used in each.

1 Basic – routine maintenance $95

  • Gear work & brake work which involves resurfacing and lubing of cables, trimming frayed index housing ends, resurfacing rim brake pads if appropriate, shifter flush & servicing, freewheel flush and lube, hanger alignment if steel
  • $3 per component install fee
  • Bearing adjustments externally
  • Other hardware corrections
  • Seatpost & stem greased
  • Wheels and frame set cleaned
  • Small parts, including cranks and drivetrain cleaned in ultrasonic cleaner
  • Frame waxed, drive train lubed
  • Lateral wheel truing only!
  • Rim strips, tubes, and tires inspected
  • If no gears present, hub and bottom bracket bearings will be overhauled 🙂

2 Deluxe – Yearly maintenance or new bicycle assembly $175

  • Everything in basic
  • Full loose ball bearing service of hubs, bottom bracket, headset, and pedals
  • Full wheel balancing and truing
  • Add-ons (* in the piecemeal section) become available
  • Install fees are waived

3 Super Deluxe – $250

  • Everything in Deluxe
  • Hydraulic brake servicing and or repair
  • Rotors and pads/calipers added to the rest in the ultrasonic parts cleaner and resurfaced
  • Tubeless setup, tire repair, or tubeless conversion
  • All install fees waived

Vintage Refurb –
THE FULL TREATMENT for older steel bikes

Labor rate varies based on bike and what it needs.

  • Everything in previous tunes
  • Frame & fork alignment
  • Frame/fork/fenders cleaned, clear coated and waxed
  • Frame treated internally with rust inhibitor
  • Thorough aluminum/stainless/chrome polishing
  • Wheel building included where carbon steel, or otherwise inferior spokes, or where steel rims are present
  • Some brazing and primer on area
  • Dynamo wire soldering
  • A security deposit of some amount is always required, preferably the labor portion of the bill.
  • Expect a 1-2 months turn around


  • $7 install tube and/or tire
  • $10 each install component
  • $10-$45 tire repair, depending on tire and tear
  • $10 patch innertube
  • $15 each cabled brake or gear work
  • $20 mineral oil system 
  • $35 DOT fluid system
  • $17 minor wheel truing 
  • $25 major wheel truing
  • $20-$30 finishing fee on ordered wheels which are not true or balanced, and/or they have no grease.
  • $25 **** dynamo wire solder 
  • $50 wheel build
    – if re-lacing used hub, $15 extra is automatically added to service loose ball bearings and to polish shell if bare aluminum
  • $25 loose ball bearing overhaul of hub, bottom bracket, pedals, or headset
  • $35 loose ball bearing service of gear hubs and coaster hubs
  • $10 Cartridge bearing install per component
  • $15 – $30 single component polishing
  • $40 **** frame set clear coat and internal frame saver
  • $25-$100 Seized component removal 

Frame repair STEEL ONLY


  • $35 rear triangle respacing & aligning
  • $50 main triangle alignment
  • $85 full frame alignment
  • $20/pair rivnuts
  • $25 chain stay dimpling
  • $50 fork alignment

Hot $80/hr shop rate

  • Rack and fender mounts
  • Raise brake bridge
  • Housing stop per cable
  • Pair dropout replace
  • Seat binder repair
  • Canti-post installation

All brazing work is finished with primer on the work area only. I do not as of yet paint really. Thanks for reading through!