Public Repair Stand


Robbie Wood, here, owner of Wheel Simple Bicycle Repair. 

Help me raise the money to install 1 public repair stand complete with the basic tools needed, and start a tool replacement fund for said repair stand! After pursuing permissions from local private property owners, and the park system without any interest, I’ve decided to just install one right outside the shop.  I will endeavor to position the stand in a way that doesn’t create a bottleneck at the bus stop in front of my door. 

I figured it’d be nice for my clients as well as for me to create this amenity, and the community at large can benefit from it! 

The reasoning behind this is mostly that of hospitality and empowerment, but also a pragmatic business decision. The stand will come with literature on bicycle repair and maintenance that I am writing myself! An educated clientele is good for business! It will be free to use, provided the area be kept tidy and clean!

I can do much much more than flat fixes, pedal installs, and brake adjusts! I don’t need a monopoly on knowledge that every cyclist should have! I’m not gatekeeping!

Help me make this happen!