Questing Beast


The Questing Beast, or Glatisant in T.H. White’s telling, comes from Arthurian legend.

“The strange creature has the head and neck of a snake, the body of a leopard, the haunches of a lion, and the feet of a hart.[1] Its name comes from the great noise that it emits from its belly, a barking like “thirty couple hounds questing”. Glatisant is related to the French word glapissant, ‘yelping’ or ‘barking’, especially of small dogs or foxes.” (

I’ve always loved this monster because it is the central and only focus of an entire line of Kings and Knights in the books, all of whom chase, hunt, and perpetually fail at catching it simply because it is tradition! It’s fruitlessness! It’s false! It symbolizes the silliness of so much of what male society holds on to. The stupid ideas of chivalry and what a man should do and be like. I can feel you rolling your eyes along with me. Well when it’s the questing beast you’re hunting, the joke is always on you.

Available in white, black, yellow, maroon, or forest green shirts, default ink is white on darker shirts and black on lighter shirts, but you can change the ink color on select shirts too, just please mind the combination because we aren’t able to process returns or refunds.

This is all print to order! North Bank Printing gets your shirt order as soon as you submit payment and prints! If you want it shipped to you, they will do that too automatically! If you’d like to pick it up at the shop, I collect shirt orders personally once a month and bring them here 🙂 in which case I’ll call you when it’s here! Art work for this T-shirt line is all done by Gus  in Richmond, Va. 5% of each sale goes to them!

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