A batch of 9 35m film photographs


These are themed batches of 35mm film photos I’ve shot.
Note: resolution slightly diminished here, mind you.

5″ x 7″ glossy prints shipped right to the shop from my Flickr account, and you can pick up when ready.

here are 9 prints at $2.35/each

If you’d like them shipped directly to you, please select the $5 shipping in checkout. But be aware I had to add blank space to either side of each one so that Flickr will print at 5×7 without losing any of the image. So you’ll have to trim them. Or just leave it!

Otherwise I will do this work for you ahead of time.

If you see a photo you would like to have printed on another material or size, please email me at itswheelsimple@gmail.com about it or use the contact form on this site. This is a really great way to support the shop in the cold months, or from afar, and I so appreciate anyone taking interest in my photography.

Available on backorder