I offer repair on an à la carte basis. Prices are informed by years of performing these repairs at different rates and different shops. I’ve deliberated long and hard about what is fair to you and what I need to survive.

Feel free to contact me to ask about any services not listed. I recommend opting for a full tune up if you need more than 3 piecemeal services, the value goes way up when you bundle these.

Piecemeal work

Always free – Air in tires

$10 – component install fee

$5 – component install fee WITH any tune up

$15 – Brake/gear work (per cable)

$20 – Hydro bleed per line &/or tubeless set up per tire

$17 – Minor wheel true & balancing (5-15 minutes)

$25 – Major wheel work and balancing (begins with complete detensioning and working back up to goal tension)

$65 – Suspension fork service (lowers)

$20 – Finishing fee on wheels

(This is applied to the sale of new wheels out of box which are not built properly true, round, or balanced, and/or which have no bearing grease or which need any kind of corrections taking beyond 5 or so minutes of my time.)

$15 – $35 minor brazing and soldering

$40 – Dishless wheel

$50 – Dished wheel

$25 – Loose ball bearing overhaul (bottom bracket, headset, or most hubs. Does not include bearings or any axle hardware needing to be replaced)

$35 – Loose ball bearing overhaul (gear hubs, coaster brake hubs, pedals, freewheels, also does not include bearings or any hardware that needs to be replaced)

$10 – Cartridge bearing replacement

$30 – Major component polishing/surface rust removal (add-on only!) Old chrome rims and handlebars, etc.

$ 15 – Minor component polishing/surface rust removal
(add-on only!)

$ 35 – New clear coat (add-on only)

$20 – $40 Seized Bottom Bracket or seat post removal.

$5 – Finder’s fee
Applied to anything I source for you that could not be gotten from my network of distributors and wholesalers. Anytime I have to use a consumer direct bicycle e-retailer to get you a part, assume I’ve spent at least an hour looking for it and a finder’s fee will be applied.

Frame work

$7 – Dropout/forkend straightening

$20 – Fork blade & ends straightening

$20 – $50 – Seized material removal

$5 – Tap threads

$5 – Hanger alignment

$20 – Respacing rear dropouts

$30 – Frame alignment (includes dropout spacing & straightening, as well as hanger alignment)