Community Tune Up Fund

Community Tune Up Fund


Very simply, it’s a commitment to ALL people riding bikes which any bicycle repair shop can copy. Some portion of my more well off clientele can admittedly afford to, and are more than willing to prepay repair for some portion of my less well funded customers in bulk. All I really need to do is ask. Well, I’ve asked, and folks have really showed up for bicycle stewardship! This is one way a bicycle shop can really engage the community.

how do we stay informed?

Below are live Google Sheets summarizing ongoing and all past funds. They tell us what kind of things are getting waived, or comped, and how much. I only use partial names on the Sheet and don’t really post pictures of beneficiaries unless they are ok with it. This is just to show a bit of transparency.

When can i “contribute?”

When I’m ready to re-up this little fund I’ll hype on social media what I call a “gift card blitz.” When I announce, I’ll provide a link and instructions for how to buy community gift cards in any amount you choose! Follow me here, or on Instagram or Facebook, linked in the footer.

What this isn’t

It’s not a charity. Wheel Simple is not a 501c(3) organization. This is a business. So, I just want to be clear on that. It’s teamwork, and yes, I do need to get paid LOL.

Live Google Sheets

2021/2022 Winter/spring $1140.55

Spring/Summer 2021 $2,333.16 raised

Fall/Winter 2020 $1825 raised

Bicycle program

I don’t really have one, but I do accept bicycle donations from the community. I think this is pretty typical of most bicycle shops. Basically, if you have a bicycle you don’t want, you can definitely ask me to fix it up and give it away! I haven’t yet developed a good way for recording this or hyping it. It’s in the works though.