The tiny bike shop on the hill

HELLO, I’m Robbie, and this is my bike shop. It’s very tiny, but it has a big heart.

The shop is a cozy, 600 square foot, one stand, one mechanic establishment. New production bicycles are not stocked due to limited space but orders are done as well as builds with availability. Each year, I’ll take on a few consignment bikes from customers, but typically I’m not in the business of buying and selling bikes. For the time being 🙂

The shop quickly fills up at 20 – 25 bicycles in for repair, so naturally I’m pretty partial to working with existing and past clientele as well as East End residents who are carless. This is no offense to anyone who has read reviews, or heard through the grapevine that I’ve got a good shop.

Please explore my site! Jess and I have both spent a lot of time making it as interesting and functional as possible.

“A bike shop that doesn’t sell bikes?”

What is up with the logo?

Years back I began taking wheel work home from one of the shops I worked at (was part timing at three). In no time I realized that a couple other shops were interested in my wheel building so I had a logo made up by a friend, immortalizing my roommate’s cat, Billy Elliot, who always jumped into my front basket for naps on my tote bag.

I got myself a bonafide business license and as a sole proprietor built wheels for people when I wasn’t working. It was…a learning experience. I built nearly 200 wheels that year, and gained a ton of experience! I only did this for a year, as at some point I took over full time at Cyclus Bike Shop.

When it was my turn to start something fresh of my own, I simply changed a few things about the logo and re-used it.

1Year open!

Thanks for a great first season!

I ride 365 days/year basically. I drive fewer than 25 times a year. I primarily ride a single speed I built. Here it is.