The tiny bike shop on the hill

HELLO, I’m Robbie, and this is my bike shop. It’s very tiny, but it has a big heart.

The shop is a cozy, 600 square foot, one stand, one mechanic establishment. Bicycles are not stocked due to very limited space as well as a heavy year round repair work load. I’ll take on a few consignment bikes from customers, but typically I’m not in the business of buying and selling bikes, or stocking much on my floor, though I can still order your Soma Fab, Surly, Civia, and Velo-Orange, Biria, New Albion, and Pake frames/bikes here, if it strikes your fancy.

I am dedicated to my existing clientele and to those who have helped me get this far. I am 100% partial to East End City residents and bike dependent/carless customers. If demand is too high for me, I unapologetically stop taking on new clients residing outside of the immediate neighborhood.

Please explore my site! Jess and I have both spent a lot of time on it!

What is up with the logo?

Years back I began taking wheel work home from one of the shops I worked at (was part timing at three). In no time I realized that a couple other shops were interested in my wheel building so I had a logo made up by a friend, immortalizing my roommate’s cat, Billy Elliot, who always jumped into my front basket for naps on my tote bag.

I got myself a bonafide business license and as a sole proprietor built wheels for people when I wasn’t working. It was…a learning experience. I built nearly 200 wheels that year, and gained a ton of experience! I only did this for a year, as at some point I took over full time at Cyclus Bike Shop.

When it was my turn to start something fresh of my own, I simply changed a few things about the logo and re-used it.