I’m Robbie. This is my shop. It’s a little, low budget upstart in its 4th year come January. I try to keep it as productive as I can wrenching solo most of the time and working to serve a community. I’m hoping to grow a business I can live on and save with while also keeping space for those who are struggling. It’s a precarious balance, we’ll see how it goes!

It’s a repair shop really! I try to keep sale bikes on hand but it’s really not my focus. There are lots of places to buy bikes. I have 600 square feet which is over packed with bikes most days, so I stick to the craft. Try to get through all the tune ups, the wheel building, the soldering, the brazing, filing, cutting, all of that stuff. I don’t take a lot of money from the business yet, but each year is an improvement over the last! Thanks for looking at my website! I made it myself! First try! How’d I do?

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