The shop, the staff, and more.

Wheel Simple is a very small no entry shop, measuring only 600sqf in rented space – including the restroom. We therefore necessarily focus on repair and maintenance, and I also build wheels. We fill up at around 25 to 30 bikes in, so there is no sales floor. We have lights, locks, lube, but mostly just components for repair and upgrade. We can ORDER you most anything that you’d like. This is 3 a person shop, logging 100+ working hours a week, running 7 days a week with scheduled breaks throughout the year. When the repair volume rises from a steady stream to a raging river, I restrict new clientele to area residents. When the volume is less you might be able to find a used bike for sale, MAYBE. Repair keeps us VERY busy most of the time.

; )

Mish (They/Them)
A VCU Arts grad, Mish started working at Wheel Simple in July, 2020. They got obsessed with bikes earlier though when they landed a job as a bike courier at Quickness RVA. They are a great budding mechanic whose dedication and hard work has proven invaluable to the shop. They are also putting their degree to use here, constantly coloring and enhancing brand vitality and energy through drawing and illustration, so there’s not much Mish isn’t involved in here.

Recently, Mish has fallen in love with mountain biking and has spent most of their free time out on the trails, and even raced in Mountain Cat and plans to go for Dirtbags 100 in July. Mish has a pup named Wink.

Update: did go on Mountain Cat, and did complete! Go Mish!

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Carrie (She/Her) is a former bike shop owner herself and Quickness rider who has been riding bicycles for a long long time. She’s supporting mechanic to Mish and myself, and has a wealth of puns to fire back and forth with you as well as all kinds of cinema and musical references that you just won’t get probably. 🙂

I’m Robbie (He/Him). This is my place! I have been working on bicycles since high school, I’m 31. I began my professional career at Rag & Bones Bicycle Cooperative in 2013. That being a volunteer position I held for almost 6 years, during that time I also helped run 2 pro shops in the area, one being Cyclus in Church Hill. Ultimately the opportunity arose to close Cyclus out and to thereafter open up for myself! I took it. Those 2 final years sucked real hard, but I made it through and here we are!

Now, I expect to work on bicycles professionally for another 14 or 15 years. My goal is to build a profitable shop that fixes a lot of bikes, pays a living wage to a committed staff, and emulates community stewardship, all the while being unapologetically myself. If my personal goal was to be my own boss by 30, now I am taking the first steps toward the next selfish goal on my list: take a decent vacation out of country by 35 LOL! You will likely see me out on my bicycle if you live in Richmond and keep your eyes peeled as I do not drive outside of visiting family. So, please, drive safe, and don’t honk at me!

Melissa (She/Her) is a pharmacy school grad living in Richmond, Va. She fights Muy Thai and has a couple big dumb doggos.

She is my second pair of eyes during this prolonged period of scarcity, helping me hunt down and compete for supply each week.
Luis! (retired) Luis preceded Carrie and helped me solidify work flow, the new position, and helped make opening 7 days a week possible. He moved to D.C. and is missed. Was excellent learner and fit the vibe here really well.