Our Fall/Winter gift card blitz is here!

To support our Community Tune Up Fund you can buy gifts cards during the blitz. Read more about what it is here. And go here to purchase gift cards for the community! YOU MUST make ME the recipient! Use the shop email itswheelsimple@gmail.com. If you forget to do so please immediately email me your redemption code! You will get receipts throughout the fund period every time your dollar assists someone receive proper and complete repair! Let’s secure $2,000 in repair and service for lower income community members!

These fresh designs are now available as a long sleeve tees just in time for Fall!

Fully open Tuesdays – Saturdays
PICK UP ONLY Sundays and Mondays! No drop offs on Sundays or Mondays!

Masks are required regardless of vaccination status, while speaking with my staff!!!!!!!

All transactions happen at the door!

Due to recent problems securing prompt pick up we have been forced to turn away new work which we could easily take on otherwise. It also eliminates our ability to have a second mechanic comfortably work. Therefore we are forced to implement a policy other shops have as well:

New bicycle drop – off & pick up policy!

Valid phone number, and/or email is required. Pick up your bicycle within one week of being informed that the repair has been completed or a holding fee of $10/day will be applied to your ticket. After 30 days sitting in the shop, your bicycle is abandoned and we will sell it for the initial balance on your ticket! If you paid at time of drop off you may request a reimbursement later if needed but payment up front DOES NOT PROTECT YOU FROM THIS POLICY or the holding fee.

Work we don’t do:

Work on E-bikes, install combustion motors on bikes, repair one wheels, scooters, wheel chairs or long bikes. We are no longer offering the vintage refurb package to the general public.

Seasonal clientele priority:

Richmond City East residents, existing customers, and gift card holders.



Gus’s T-shirt line has new summer color options! Check them out here!

A note from the owner to the “new rider”

Why are bicycles and parts so hard to find?

Well, Cicadas took over the industry! For real! I’m not joking! Give me a chance to explain.

Bike shops have been closing at a shocking rate for over 30 years nationally. This is due to new ridership not growing at a pace that reflects the passion of those who start and run bike shops. Yes you can point fingers at consumer side websites that needlessly undermine the bike shop while ripping off the customer. Yes you can blame three or four generations’ worth of economic spinelessness for sending all production to be done in one country because it winds up being cheaper. Sure. You can point fingers at bike shops that set bad examples or mismanage finances, etc. But the truth is two things made this shortage happen. The first one is very obvious: A deadly global 100 year viral pandemic has crippled shipping and manufacturing in a way we haven’t experienced before.

The second more subtle reason, or rather exacerbating factor, is the “bike boom” that the first caused which centers around the cicadas. While the supply was decimated, nationally, demand has increased 6 fold. QBP, the distributor for Surly, All-City, Ritchey, and Civia, reported a 70% increase in bike sales in 2020 over 2019. That’s only four bike brands through one distro, and the lock downs largely did not begin until March. There are reports that say something like 130% across all brands! That is absolutely bonkers.

See, like the cicada feeding for so many years on one subterranean source of food eventually have to move all at once to another source of food deep below the soil, hundreds of thousands of Americans all of a sudden needed and wanted something new! Gyms shut down, contact sports went away, schools closed, people were furloughed, let go of, etc.! Where did ALL OF YOU turn for your enjoyment, fitness, happiness, and sense of community? Bicycles! Welcome! We have been here waiting hopefully. Please, with open arms we now embrace you whole-heartedly. We want you to partake with us in this our long-beloved source of wholeness and happiness.

BUT you must understand, so many have slept on this way of life, this tool, this fitness contraption, that the means have shrunk to supply a dwindling bicycle shop population, and even if production was unhindered by the virus, it would take a little teamwork to bring all of you on board so quickly! It will take some tricks and patience to source all your parts, repair your bikes, educate you, and coach you in your new hobby, lifestyle, transportation method, sport, etc. Please be patient with us. We hope that like the cicada, you find bicycles to be everything you needed and wanted!

Oh yeah, and stay a while!

Projects you should be aware of

Mutual Aid Distribution RIchmond, Va. Chapter

From the site:

“We are a solidarity network of community members and organizations working together in Richmond, Virginia to help each other.

Mutual Aid Distribution Richmond (MAD RVA) or Richmond Mutual Aid aims to create a support system in response to COVID-19 and the effects it has had on Richmonders, including supply shortage, job losses, and long-term quarantine. We operate collectively and are primarily functioning as a supply delivery for folks who cannot access food, hygiene items, and other vital goods. We also have a mini-grants program and are developing other supports, forming partnerships across community, and demanding policy shifts towards equity and social justice while navigating the undetermined timeline of effects on our community.”


Rag & Bones Bicycle Cooperative

From the site:

To provide near universal access to bicycle repair and technical knowledge, affordable bicycles and parts, and space within which to feel safe and welcome while learning and repairing.”


Rva Community Fridges

Free food Community fridges open 24/7
Take what you need, give what you can❤️
Want to help out? Click the link!

Founded in 2017, Radical Adventure Riders (RAR) mission is moving towards enhancing gender inclusivity and racial equity in the bicycle and outdoor adventure scene. RAR does this by providing connection, education, resources, and support for the community and industry.


Nice things people are saying about

Wheel Simple Bicycle Repair IconWheel Simple Bicycle Repair

707 Mosby Street, Richmond

4.8 59 reviews

  • Avatar David Battle ★★★★★ a month ago
    Awesome and quick service! First time in the store and I wasnt disapointed.
  • Avatar Nate Lyles ★★★★★ a month ago
    This bike shop is the best. Extremely knowledgeable, thorough, excellent communicators and excellent repair services with affordable prices. Robbie and Mish took care of some major custom repairs with an insanely short turnaround … More so that I could have my bike for a race. So thankful to have such a great bike shop in the neighborhood.
  • Avatar Sweet Emotion ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Awesome place and dude! Dude know I was down on my luck with my bike and day and so since my bike totally broke on the way getting there to have a rack installed on it. But just so it wouldn't be such a loss for me for it; he … More offered and gave me cash for it. Thanks again bro!
  • Avatar Zachariah Orasmatron ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    Awesome super experienced people who love their craft and take care of the neighborhood
  • Avatar Gil Perkins ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    Awesome local repair shop. Real personal service. Does not charge enough for the great work he does. Feel like I'm riding a new bike.
  • Avatar Monty Warren ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    They have excellent service and reasonable prices I will refer anyone to them.
  • Avatar Laura Rettinger ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    Use Wheel Simple for all my bike needs. I feel confident about my purchases knowing that the owner is knowledgeable and passionate and what they do.
  • Avatar Prinze Santana ★★★★★ 9 months ago
    I brought three bikes there to get my family prepared for winter riding. This Gentlemen. Charge me for 2 bike and Literally. Fix my 7yrs old bike free. Let talk community ties. Phenomenal person on task!
  • Avatar Taylor Stokes ★★★★★ a year ago
    I had bought a standard quality rim from him after my AlexRim spoke busted on me on my bike so I was really in a pinch. It was a good price but I had issues with getting my tires to seat in properly, I initially was planning to just … More buy the next quality up and when I asked him the price he told me I could just return the rim I initially bought and just pay the difference in price between the old and new rim. Stellar customer service and a super nice down to earth guy. I wish every shop in Richmond was as quality as him. Robbie is awesome give this shop all your business

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