Bicycle repair shop in Church Hill, Richmond Va.

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Here are the highlights:

Repair/service – A long list of services can be found below
Sales – modest accessory retail and used bicycle sales off the floor
Repair loaners – for your convenience and my sanity
Demo bikes – test new bikes I have before you order yours! Keep the demo while yours ships!
Silver brazing – Modifications/repair of steel frames and some choice frame and fork fabrication
Paint – Resprays and decal cutting

All service offerings and pricing


Flat fixes while you wait, everything else is subject to existing workload at time of drop off. No appointments. Yes, I service e-bikes. Certain e-bikes are subject to a surcharge, and I may refuse to house certain models overnight due to insurance stipulations.

Bicycle Tune Ups

Rush fee 1.5x normal rate.

Dirty tune = $65
                Like it sounds, minimal cleaning, brake and gear adjustments, safety check etc. Or think of it as only what can be fit inside of 45 minutes.

Basic =   $130 Also my assembly fee
                Extensive cable work and servicing of shifters, derailleurs, brake levers, and brakes. Bearing adjustments throughout, safety check, rim strip and tube inspection/corrections. Grease stem, pedal threads, and seat post. Check torque on crank arms and bottom bracket cups. Frame, fork, wheels cleaned, and waxed where appropriate. Chain, gears, and cranks cleaned in ultrasonic tank. Hanger align, minor wheel truing, install fees waived on replacement parts. Hub bearings serviced on SINGLE SPEED bikes 🙂

-Yearly = $215
                Everything in previous but with the addition of loose ball and/or cartridge bearing service/repack of headset, bottom bracket, hubs, and even pedals (of quality), and in depth wheel truing both radial and lateral. ALL non-hydraulic components are cleaned in the tank and re-lubed. We recommend you plan on paying for the usual culprits to be replaced – chain, cassette, pads, maybe tires and grips/wrap, etc.

All Road/Gravel Yearly $250
                All of that plus in depth hydraulic brake service/repair and tubeless setup/repair. All bolts properly torqued. This more is for heavily used bikes that need a lot of love. Make this a mountain bike tune with these add-ons – $65 routine lowers servicing, $25 linkage bearing replace.

Vintage bicycle refurb base price $350

Everything in previous tunes plus either protective urethane clear top coat on frame/fork/fenders/chainguard or polish and buff (whichever is called for). Aluminum and chromed parts polishing including hubs/rims, brakes, levers, shifters, stem etc. Wheel building labor included where modern spokes and/or rims are being swapped in (this is required), and much more. Any silver brazing or paint goes beyond the base price and will be added piece meal. ALL PARTS are sold separately. Base price already represents a bundled discount on labor, this package has been developed over 6+ years of doing this and the results are always stunning.

Wheel Building

Wheel Building:
– $65 repair – as add on to a tune up
– $100 new set. No motor wheels.


Minimum shop charge is $10

  • $10 install part (including tube/tire)
  • $30 integrated install (includes setting up of a system in the process)
  • $10-$45 tire repair, depending on tire and tear
  • $20 each cabled brake or gear service. This includes hanger align on the rear, shifter flush/lube, cable surfacing, housing lube bad adjustment, pivots lubed, etc. etc.
  • $20 mineral oil system bleed per line
  • $35 DOT fluid system bleed per line
  • $20 general wheel truing 
  • $25 – $40 repair wheel wheel truing
  • $25 **** dynamo wire solder 
  • $25 loose ball bearing overhaul of hub, bottom bracket, pedals, or headset
  • $35 loose ball bearing service of gear hubs
  • $10 Cartridge bearing install per component
  • $45 single main component polishing EACH
  • $80 frame set urethane clear top coat and internal frame saver. Only available to add onto a DELUXE tune
  • $25-$100 Seized component removal

Frame Work – – – – Steel only

New frames coming in 2025! – Traditional lugged steel frame and fork starting at $1400 with paint. Forks are available to order now.

  • Stay dimple for tire clearance $25
  • Rear spacing for hub $25
  • Pair bottle cage rivnuts $30
  • Dropout align $10
  • Raise brake bridge or seat stay bridge $80
  • Add kickstand plate $50
  • Respray (epoxy, acrylic, urethane) $250 – $400
    Sandblasting at Ashby’s Inc. costs around $15/frame/set if I take a batch 4 or 5, or if you’re in a rush you can strip it yourself. I am not doing it! If you bring me the entire bike and you want a respray and a tune up or other services done, a bundled labor package can be drawn up.
  • Steerer Tube Replacement                              $175
  • ​Fork Dropout Replacement                            $150 – $200
  • Disc Tab                      ​                                   $100
  • Cantilever Brake Mounts (pair)                       $100
  • Frame & Fork Alignment                                $145
  • Frame Alignment                                           $100
  • Fork Alignment                                               $75
  • ​​​​​Head Tube Replacement                                $250
  • Pump Nipple on Head Tube                           $25
  • Pump Peg                                                        $25
  • Top Tube Replacement                                    $350
  • Top Tube & Down Tube Replacement            $525
  • Top Tube Cable Guides (3)                              $40
  • Top Tube Split Stops (2)                                  $35
  • Down Tube Replacement                                 $300
  • Down Tube Shifter Bosses (pair)                      $50
  • Water Bottle Bosses (pair)                                $50
  • Bottom Bracket Shell Replacement                  $300
  • ​​​​​​​​​Bottom Bracket Top Cable Guides​​                   $60
  • Bottom Bracket Cable Underside Guides​          $45
  • Drill for Plastic Cable Guide                             $20
  • Seat Tube Replacement                                    $275
  • Cantilever Brake Mounts (pair)                         $50
  • Chainhanger on Seatstay                                    $15​
  • Seat Stay Splitter for Belt Drive​                          $200
  • Disc Tab w/Support                                          $150
  • Rack Mount on Seat Stays                                  $45
  • Seatstay  Replacement                                        $275
  • ​Chainstay & Seatstay Replacement                  $450
  • ​Chainstay Replacement                                      $275
  • Chainstay Cable Stop                                         $35
  • Eyelet pair on Dropout                                      $40
  • ​Rear Dropouts Replacement slotted                    $300
  • Rear Dropouts Replacement socket $200
  • New lugged steel fork $420-$666

I guess some other pics showing some more of what I can do ?!

GIFT CARDS FOR THE COMMUNITY are what keep our Repair Fund going!

This is how I am financially able to keep my business accessible to more people in my immediate community. As the shop becomes financially sustainable I still want to keep space for my neighbors, those in need, and area youth.

  1. Go here
  2. Enter your name and email, and enter a gift card amount up to $2,000
  3. Make the “recipient” the shop, our email is itswheelsimple@gmail.com
  4. Include any comments or requests you want to in the box at the bottom.

    Read about this project at length here.

This allows me to apply a real gift card redemption code to a real work ticket, recording everything properly.

Wheel Simple Bicycle Repair IconWheel Simple Bicycle Repair

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4.8 98 reviews

  • Avatar james kresge
    Great service, high-quality work
    ★★★★★ in the last week
  • Avatar Collin G
    Affordable, dependable, communicative, and high-quality. Great business model too. Won’t take my bikes anywhere else!
    ★★★★★ a month ago
  • Avatar Kenny Parker
    look into Robbie’s frame customization jobs: he’s giving Richmond unique and truly affordable modification services. plus he gave my bike a sick fade paint job atop the hot work!
    ★★★★★ a month ago
  • Avatar Ben Coleman
    Great shop owner and great community staple.
    ★★★★★ a month ago
  • Avatar skip oconnor
    Met Robbie, looking at his shop he appears to be highly skilled in most any bike repair and very fair with cost.
    ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    Thought I was leaving a new review, here in 2023 but looks like I'm just returning to my previous review from three years ago. Brought my Masi in a few times and Wheel simple is awesome. Just real … More people doing real good work on bikes and in the community. Follow them on IG, it's nice to see the cool stuff they're doing. But, since my bike recently tried and very nearly succeeded in taking a dive onto the highway, I'll be bringing it back very soon (after their holiday recovery, of course).
    ★★★★★ 2 months ago
  • Avatar Eve Henderson
    Very friendly and reasonable. Got me out within 5mi
    ★★★★★ 6 months ago
  • Avatar Jay Vlahon
    Fantastic repair shop. The crew always makes the correct repairs quickly and at a reasonable price point. It is awesome to have a good local repair shop in the Churchill area.
    ★★★★★ 7 months ago
  • Avatar Todd Randolph
    good shop.
    ★★★★★ 7 months ago
  • Avatar Gwen Cherry
    Thanks for the great work on my mom's bike. If this turns into a thing for me, I'll be sure to come see you for my new wheels. Congrats on your new location.
    ★★★★★ 8 months ago
  • Avatar Brian Kleve
    I needed a quick emergency repair today and Robbie had me fixed up in about 10 minutes. I really appreciate the quick turnaround and he didn't even make fun of me for breaking my own bike. Thank you!! … More So glad you're in our neighborhood!
    ★★★★★ 10 months ago
  • Avatar Ezra Marsh
    Brought my grandfathers old bike in for some new tires, I told him to take his time as I do not ride often. Robbie ended up doing a full refurb on it. New spokes, tires, pedals, paint and a clear coat. … More I am extremely happy with the work that was done, the prices were more than fair, and the communication was excellent. I will definitely be back in the future for any of my bicycle needs!
    ★★★★★ 10 months ago
  • Avatar Jo Martin
    I took my mountain bike for a tune up. It feels so much better now. I can always rely on a thorough tune up here!!! Turn around was really fast.
    ★★★★★ 11 months ago
  • Avatar Bride Baker
    I have kissed many toads when it comes to bicycle repair shops. My poor Bianchi has been repaired about 4 times, at 4 different shops and every time it came back with a new defect. Took it to Wheel Simple … More for a deluxe tune-up, and I am so happy I forked over the extra cash to get a thorough fixin. My bike rides like a dream! Robbie called to check in and inform me of my bicycle's needs and the changes to cost, and assured me he knew what he was doing. 10/10, will be going back as a loyal customer from now on. If you are looking for a solid and forthright bicycle repair shop Wheel Simple is the place to go!
    ★★★★★ a year ago
  • Avatar Jordan Moghanaki
    Robbie is awesome. He knows what needs to be fixed and gets it done fast. And he has reasonable prices.
    Plus, if you've got a question, he's happy to spend a minute chatting and answering your
    … More question, that's not something that many bike shops offer in my experience.
    I'll definitely be coming back for simple repairs and more custom jobs to support Robbie!
    ★★★★★ a year ago